Duotone Jaime SLS 2021 Kitebräda

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Världens mest sålda bräda Jaime är snabb med fantastisk pop!
2021 i en ny skepnad – Jaime SLS

Freestyle-kitare som söker en explosiv och samtidigt förlåtande bräda älskar brädans karaktär. Medium flex gör den även fantastisk för freeride.

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Duotone Jaime 2021

How do you make the best even better? The legendary Jaime gets the ultimate SLS performance boost and is the pinnacle of Twintip development, being the first ever Twintip of the SLS class and a technology leader in the industry.

TEXTREME INNEGRA: The guarantee for lightweight, responsiveness and perfect dampening abilities.

CONNECTED AND COMFORTABLE IN CHOP: Due to a double diffusor bottom, the board feels constantly connected and very comfortable in chop.

GOOD POP: Good predictable pop due to biax carbon.

SOFT LANDINGS: Soft landings are provided by a double diffusor bottom.

DOUBLE DIFFUSOR BOTTOM: The double diffusor bottom offers outstanding grip and maximum comfort.

MEDIUM TO HARD FLEX: The medium to hard flex combines competition performance with everyday comfort. precisely adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good.

The kitesurfing board that defined a generation and more, the Jaime has an iconic status within the sport and to make it even better for 2021 the designers have stepped it up with the SLS Innegra treatment. This brings the Jaime SLS right to the very pinnacle of kiteboarding construction and creates a medium to stiff flex that gives the board incredible levels of pop and control at high speeds.

In addition to the new Light Base material, the high-performance Innegra and 45° Biax Carbon are a guarantee for low weight. Innegra combines the explosiveness of Carbon with the dampening abilities and comfort Innegra lightweight spread tow fabric provides.

The Double Diffusor Base and Absorption Flex Tips ensure landings are smooth, even from the biggest of moves. Aimed at the rider looking for a freestyle board that can perform at the very highest levels, yet still offer a forgiving ride, the Jaime SLS is the board that will take your riding to the next level. Don’t let your equipment hold you back, packed with performance and high-end materials the new Jaime SLS is the perfect partner for your kitesurfing adventures and a mind blowing new experience.

SIZES 133/40 136/41 139/42 142/43
WEIGHT 60-75KG 70-85KG 80-95KG >95KG


– INNEGRA SLS TWINTIPS: Due to Innegra, SLS Twintips are very light, incredible durable, noticeable smoother and more responsive than any other Twintip. Added performance and durability without adding weight, the lightweight fibre Innegra makes it possible! All SLS boards offer incredible dampening performance, are absolutely smooth in chop, allowing a cleaner edging and resulting in less knee and back fatigue. SLS Twintips are equipped with very controlled and explosive pop due to less vibration compared to normal carbon boards.

– ABSORPTION FLEX TIPS: Based on a unique new construction of the board in the tip area, the scoop rocker line ensures better response to changing situations. In underpowered riding, the board remains flat for fast planing. In overpowered riding, the scoop bends and provides for an increased level of control and stability. The flex tips absorb shocks and enable soft landings.

– TORSION FLEX: The special shape of the 3D cap allows torsion of the long axis of the board. This gives them more grip on the heel-side edge, rich and smooth landings, a direct drive and better upwind performance. Invented by Duotone.

– DOUBLE DIFFUSOR BOTTOM: The Double Diffusor breaks the water´s surface and delivers a precise, connected feedback. It also provides good control in all conditions with a sporty character for everyday use. The Double Diffusor allows for harder flex patterns to be used within the board without the loss of comfort. The harder flex delivers better pop making it a winning combination. By breaking the water´s surface when landing, the Double Diffusor delivers fluidity and instant planing of the board. This ensures control and comfort when landing, no matter how fast you´re going.

– GRAB RAILS: Grab Rails for easier board off manoeuvres and comfortable general riding.


Today, our Kites, Bars, Twintips, Surfboards, Click Bar and Foil Wing are climate neutral, which is acknowledged in three steps: calculating emissions, offsetting emissions and tracking the carbon offset. Proud of our work and the future of sustainable kiteboarding, you can discover more about our projects and partnerships here.


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