Tabou Rocket AST 2019

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Trevlig bräda för dig som vill plana tidigt på en klassisk freeridebräda.

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The Rocket is and will always be the most reliable and user-friendly classic freeride board, so that everybody can enjoy an exciting session without having to worry about your gear.


Every windsurfer, who appreciates an easy freeride board that does the work for you.

The Rocket is the definition of a classic windsurfing freeride board, allowing you to not worry about your board, but rely on its performance at any moment. One of the most appreciated features of the Rocket is the “soft-touch” feeling as the board easily cuts through chop, even when overpowered.

No matter, if you’re using a freeride sail without cambers or a cambered freerace sail, the Rocket will allow you to get planing earlier, easier and in lower winds than with any other freeride board. But you don’t have to pass on maneuverability, control and performance at the top-end, as the Rocket especially shines through its balanced shape. Not only a test winning board today, but for years to come!


The Rocket AST is a reliable, cost-efficient and user-friendly classic freeride board.

A combination of every feature that defines a classic freeride board leads us to this year’s Rocket AST. With the Rocket’s shape this board cuts through chop with ease, even when overpowered, and gets you going quickly. The balanced design still lets you enjoy great maneuverability, control and performance at the top-end.

The ultra-durable AST construction creates a long-lasting board, which is not just easy, but also fun to ride. Furthermore, the Rocket AST is available for a very cost-efficient price, allowing more freeride windsurfers to enjoy the performance of Tabou’s legendary Rocket collection.



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125L AST, 135L AST, 145L AST


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