OXBOW SUP 11’0″ EXPLORE AIR x 32″ Komplett paket

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Snygg uppblåsbar bräda komplett med STX 2-delad alupaddel och leash

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OXBOW, the leading French surfwear brand, and BIC Sport, the world leader in Stand Up Paddle equipment, are delighted to announce their partnership agreement for the manufacturing and marketing of a complete range of OXBOW-branded Stand Up Paddle boards.

Designed by OXBOW, the range will be manufactured and distributed in France worldwide by BIC SportOxbow ACE-TEC boards are built in France using proprietary thermoforming technology and a sustainable manufacturing process with zero emission, low energy consumption, no solvents and an extremely low rejection rate. With over 30 years of proven consistency and quality using these techniques, we know molding. The distinguishing features of Oxbow’s molded technologies can be summed up in two words – PRESSURE and PRECISION.


The Explore series is designed for a quiet, smooth and stable paddling experience cruising around your local lake, bay or river yet is fully capable and proven as a serious expedition worthy board in all types of conditions.A sharp vee entry at the nose parts the water smoothly and transitions to a displacement hull through the front half of the board for maximum responsiveness and maneuverability. This transitions to a flat planing hull in the back half of the board for stability and tracking.

Key Features

Versatile shapes for all-round use.
6” thickness for better stiffness.
Ultra-light construction = easy to carry.
Top & Bottom composite stringer for maximum stiffness and performance.
Mastfoot insert (WIND Air).
Deck bungee cord for storing gear.
Carry handles at nose, tail and center.
Diamond grip EVA pad for added traction and comfort.
Universal center fin box with removable center fin.
Includes oversize wheeled backpack, heavy duty 2-way pump with pressure gauge and repair kit.
STX Aluminium paddle
STX leash

Data specs

Längd: 335 cm
Bredd: 81 cm
Höjd: 15 cm
Vikt: 11,0 kg
Volym: 305 liter
Fenbox: US Box
fena: Touring 9″


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