Severne Overdrive

A Stunning Ease of use to Performance Ratio


Developed on the same technological base as the Severne race sails, the

Overdrive inherits the Reflex batten system, which allows to tune and lock the

tension forward in the sail whilst letting the leech free to flex and work under

pressure. Efforts were also made in order to be able to use masts with less

carbon percentage, reducing costs and potential breakage.


Very light in the arms, the Overdrive is very easy to handle. With its deepest

point close to the mast and a beautiful profile, this Severne doesn’t give any

exaggerated back hand pressure but and efficient power which is locked 100%

at the front. It’s got power, but a refined power. It might not be the first one

to get planning despite its power, but once it is going, in very light winds, it doesn’t stop accelerating. The rider

never needs to put any effort in as the sail is super stable and doesn’t move at all. It really does all the work by

itself whilst giving an awesome sensation.

The sail never asks for any effort but delivers top of the range performances in any conditions. It makes its

competitors’ life tough, especially to mid-size people who appreciate not having to force too much on their back

hand to step up their speed.

It is also the sail which has the best handling and which is the easiest to get the most out of in strong winds.

Our only regret: the cams rotation could be a little smoother. Also note that the finishing on the sail is of very

high standard.


Here is an excellent product, very powerful, fast, alive and easy to handle. It fully meets all the requirements of a

freerace sail, whilst making world cup performances accessible. An extremely competitive model, which doesn’t

require much physically, and therefore also helps to control the board.