Starboard Futura 122 Wood

Starboard Futura 122 Wood, WIND Test Special, 2011

Super easy, super fast!


Starboard presents an all-new version of the Futura that gradually moves towards the slalom section. They now come with a new fin and a deep deck concave. Starboard recommends rigging your boom 2cm higher than usual because of this change in shape.

On the water:

Let’s get this right of the bat, the Starboard Futura 122 is the magic board of the test group, the one board that every tester loveswithout even trying. It truly is the quintessential ”plug and play freeracer”. Its generous volume allows it to carry bigger sails and heavier riders. Andduring its immediate take off into planing, the excellence and efficiency of the supplied fin becomesobvious. The accomplished ergonomic shape of the deck comfortably fits the arches of the rider’s feet, contributing to the success of this very comfortable board. Control is no issue as the board effortlessly stays on course, leaving it up to the rider to change trajectory to wherever he pleases. It’s a board that doesn’t lose controldespite its high performance. Its composed feel will let you think you are taking it easy at times, while head-to-head testing really shows that the Starboard is the fastest of the test group. Regardless of angle or surface conditions, the Futura will conquer the competition. Gybing is also excellent in terms of stability and exit speed.


Super versatile range of use, high performance combined with accessibility, the Starboard Futura gets all the ingredients of an accomplished freeracer right. Because of its accessibility and performance, it was the test crew’s favourite.


Performance, accessibility, controllability, ergonomic design and well equipped


Nothing to report

Weight/Construction: 7.7 kg, Wood technology
Shape: V double concave, tail cut outs
Footstraps/pads: 4/simple
Position footstraps: back and forth, 2 internal, 3 exterior
Fin (material/system): Polyester/42cm Drake Venom Tuttle