Mercury boot 3,2mm Split toe X-Grip

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En premiumsko med split toe för extra stabilitet.

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The Prolimit Mercury split toe unisex boot with Thermal Rebound is one of our warmest shoes. Inside the shoe we’ve added Zodiac 2.0 lining to keep your feet warm under any condition. The shoe has a X-grip sole for perfect grip on uneven surfaces. The split toe allows you to have more balance and control. The seams are triple glued and blind stitched so they are extra strong and watertight. The neoprene of the shoe is 3.2mm thick available in color black, size range 36 to 47.

  • OCL split Toe 3D last
  • DCS sole for barefoot feeling
  • Thermal Rebound lining
  • Heel webbing loop for easier access
  • Closure donut cuff
  • Compression foot lock system 2.0
  • GBS seams (glued and blind stitched)

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