Oxygen steamer freezip 6/4 TR damvåtdräkt

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En av marknadens varmaste våtdräkter anpassad för dam

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Oxygen steamer freezip är en 6mm tjock vinterdräkt som tillverkats med Thermal rebound teknologin i 550+ limestone neopren.
Thermal rebound teknologin bygger på ett extra lager mellan neoprenen och zodiac fodringen(som en slags fleecefodring) som reflekterar kroppsvärmen och därmed hjälper till att hålla dig varm.
Thermal rebound teknologin skyddar även från kylan från kalla vindar vilket gör denna 6mm tjocka damdräkten till vår absolut varmaste våtdräkt.

Tejpade sömmar ser till att vattnet inte kommer in och tejpen skyddar även sömmarna på våtdräkten.
Freezip, dragkedja över bröstet ger dig maximal rörlighet och gör våtdräkten extra bekväm på vattnet.

Finns i 34XS-442XL

Zodiac2 lining

Zodic Jacquard velvet fleece on the inside, layered with a quick dry thermal fleece for more warmth and comfort. It absorbs the water from the skin, releases quickly and increases comfort.

FTM Taped seams

FTM TAPED SEAMS, our Fluid Taping Method seam construction. Triple glued seams with the outside of the seam sealed of by a wider black carbon neoprene seal. The inside of the seam is protected by our glued and blind stitched technology. FTM TAPED SEAMS are durable, watertight and keep their high stretch.

Water based glue

The laminated neoprene sheets are cut into panels and put together to create a neoprene product such as a wetsuit. The lamination of all our wetsuits is done with water based glue, so called aqua-α. Unlike the traditional glue, the water based glue is solvent free and without chemicals (it removes 99% of the impurities). This avoids latex allergies. Don’t worry! Of course the glue will not dissolve in water. We made sure that the glue is as strong as the traditional glue.

Thermal Rebound™

The 4 layer construction Thermal Rebound lining. This technology goes back to the mid 1970’s where NASA developed the thermal blankets for their manned missions into space as insulation.

Since 2011 the same principle is used on all major sporting events where Athletes are draped in shiny silver blankets when they finish. This effect of survival blankest for the protection against cold conditions is now available in our neoprene wetsuits.

4 layer construction

1. The outer layer ensures resilient protection.
2. Super stretchy neoprene layer provides insulation and unrestricted movement.
3. Alloy Thermal Rebound retains and regulates body heat.
4. A quick dry thermal fleece offers comfort enhanced by the Zodiac2plush thermal grid for optimal warmth.

Extra protection layer between the neoprene and Zodiac2 to reflect body heat and to block wind chill. Patent pending nr. 15/169,749

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