Starboard Evo XTV 2008

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Vågbrädorna Evo är revolutionerande vågbrädor utformade för att maximera prestanda i en mängd olika vågförhållanden och för en mängd olika erfarenhets nivåer.

Vindsurfingbrädan har används som visningsexemplar i butik och kan därav ha mindre märken.

Specifikation finner du i produktens bildgalleri.


The Starboard Evo has been around for some while and it has proven itself as a great wave riding board. It packs both power and accuracy and offers maximum efficiency out on the waves. Since it is such a successful board, Starboard has decided to continue the production for 2008 with a new and technologically enhanced series of Evo XTV boards.

The board is based on a compact profile featuring a longer outline which increases the hydrodynamic abilities. This means that the Evo XTV glides very fast and without any drag. The great power delivered by the board creates maximum traction, while the rounded shaped nose allows the rider to tackle any wave. The tail of the Evo XTW is slightly wider and constructed on a V design for perfect power release. This feature drastically increases acceleration, upwind and lifting abilities. The great thing about the Starboard Evo XTV is that it offers a huge amount of power for the experienced and extreme rider so he can perform easily early planning moves or high jumps, but it can be also used by the intermediate rider looking to progress. This is possible due to the multiple foot straps positioning options. Once it is powered up the board can maintain a constant speed for a long time. Out on the water, the board feels very light and responsive, it turns and rotates smooth and fast and offers a direct and accurate control at all times.

The starboard Evo XTV comes in two models, depending on the construction technology. The Dur-X Wood structure makes the board very light and enhances speed performance, and the Dur-X Technora is extra durable and more affordable. Dur-X technology provides one of the toughest constructions possible, so the board can take a lot of punishment without suffering any damage.

It is available in 66 to 100 liters volume and 53×223 to 63×237 centimeters sizes, and it offers optimal efficiency when it is used with Drake Natural Wave fins and a 2.3 to 7.0 meters wide sail, depending on volume and size.

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