Unifiber Energy 2pcs 170-210cm aluminium paddel

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En Stabil aluminiumpaddel av mycket hög kvalitet.

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The Energy is the allround paddle. It’s extremely durable. Ideal for beginning paddlers, or advanced paddlers who choose for durability. The EVA coating over the entire shaft makes a very comfortable grip, protects your board and increases the buoyancy of the paddle.

Pros & Cons

  • +Full shaft covered soft grip
  • +Aluminium shaft and nylon blade for extreme durability
  • +Torsion free step free adjustment system
  • +EVA finsihing increases bouyancy and favoring more comfortable grip
  • +The slide lock allows for fluent length adjustment
  • -Heavier than fiberglass or carbon paddles
  • -Less stiff than fiberglass or carbon paddles
  • -Important: Do not extend the paddle farther than 210cm! This will put too much stress on the plastic locking part and might cause breakage.

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