7’0 Egg

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En bra första bräda för barn eller för vuxna upp till 82Kg som vill ha en Egg shape.

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7’0″ EGG

The EGG 7’0’’ is a modern shape featuring a full nose and tail with a moderate rocker profile for excellent paddle take-off, exceptional planing, and even better manoeuvrability.

It’s THE perfect board for 110-180lbs/50-82kg surfers wanting to learn and progress easily. But the EGG 7’0 is also a great choice for more experienced surfers looking to ride a wide range of wave sizes and conditions. TAHE’s incredible DURA-TEC construction lets you focus on surfing and never worry about ding repair.

A five-fin box set-up allows for experimentation with a wide variety of fin set-ups to find the optimal configuration for your style and wave conditions. A standard FCS M5 thruster set is included. A genuine all-terrain wave board for maximum versatility.

7’0″ EGG

Rigid Dura-Tec

Ideal for

Kids under 120lbs/55kg looking for their first board
Adults up to 180lbs/82kg looking for a versatile egg style board
Worry free use with nearly ding-proof durability
Rental operations, schools and camps needing rugged construction


A modern, verstaile Egg shape in our crazy rugged DURA-TEC construction

Product Specifications

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  • Complete Dimensions214 cm x 56 cm x 51 L
  • Weight12.8 lbs / 5.8 kg
  • Max Riders Weight175 lbs / 80 kg

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