7’9 Malibu

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Perhaps the most versatile of the DURA-TEC range, the Malibu is an excellent combination of longboard stability and manoeuvrability, with just enough length to make it easy to control.

Its user-friendly design provides ample floatation to catch all types of waves while the performance shape enables ‘down-the-line’ fun for first timers to advanced surfers.

The Malibu gives lightweights and smaller surfers an easy to carry, durable and stable “big-board” feel for starting out.

However, heavier or bigger surfers will enjoy the mid-range length and proven performance for their transition to shorter boards and bigger surf conditions. Our original 7’9” Malibu gained a reputation for versatility, long-lasting and affordable surfboard.

DURA-TEC combines an ultra-durable polyethylene outer shell (like a kayak but lighter weight) with a full polyurethane foam core (like that found in traditional surfboards)

These materials are thermoformed in steel molds to ensure consistent and accurate reproduction of the original shape. Proven and long lasting with great performance, we’ve been making recreational wind and surf boards like this since the 1980’s and many are still on the water today!


Rigid Dura-Tec

Ideal for

Beginners up to 150lbs/70kg
Intermediates up to 185lbs/85kg
Surfers looking for ding-proof, worry-free construction


The 7’9” Malibu is a well rounded board meant for learning and progressing. Ideal for mid-sized riders to learn on and experienced surfers up to 185lbs/85kg

Product Specifications

EXCLUSIVE DURA-TEC CONSTRUCTIONFor extreme durability, excellent value for money and worry-free reliability

EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEYAnd worry-free reliability.

PROVEN SHAPESBy legendary shapers Gerard DABBADIE and Peter PAN for riders of all sizes

CLOSED CELL PU INNER COREFor structural integrity and board stiffness

BUILT-IN NOSE GUARDTo enhance product lifetime

FCS FINSCome standard with every board

100% MADE IN FRANCEConsistency and quality construction



  • Code107127
  • ModelOrigin
  • ShapeMidlength
  • ShaperGerard Dabbadie
  • Max Riders Weight190 lbs / 85 kg
  • Length7’9″ / 238 cm
  • Width22.00″ / 56 cm
  • Thickness2.90″ / 7.3 cm
  • Volume58 L
  • Weight15.0 lbs / 6.8 kg
  • Finbox Configuration Set Up3 x FCS M5 Thruster
  • One Foot Off Tail17.29 in / 43.92 cm
  • Supplied fin(s)3 x FCS M5 Thruster
  • One Foot Off Nose15.09 in / 38.34 cm
  • Product TypeRigid -Thermoformed
  • TechnologyDura-Tec
  • Country of ManufactureFrance

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