Starboard Flare 2008

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Super-snabb Freestylebräda

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Super-snabb Freestyle bräda.

Vindsurfingbrädorna har använts som visningsexemplar i butik och kan ha enstaka märken.

The starboard Flare went through extensive research and development before being first releases a few years ago. Starboard has mixed both maneuverability and power into the Flare to create the perfect freestyle board. And it has done a great job since the board was very successful among all riders. In 2008 Starboard decided to carry with the production of Flare boards, but it has added several improvements to increase overall performance.

For the 2008 Flare Starboard has used wider tails which pack extra volume to deliver intense power for early planning, lifts and huge top speed. The curved rocker line optimizes the power delivery and makes the board take maximum advantage of the water flow. This assures a fast and smooth glide and also plenty of pop for high jumps and hardcore moves. Smaller versions of the board use slalom rocker lines and slalom V hull shape. These features combined with the ergonomic profile drastically improve top speed, turning and rotation. Due to the hydrodynamic shape and optimal volume distribution the Flare is very stable, but agile at the same time.

A lightweight construction assures that the board has less friction with the water for a drag free ride. This construction is based on Technora and Carbon composites and a single sandwich technology which balances the tensile strength and assures extra durability. In high wearable parts the Starboard Flare is reinforced with Carbon Kevlar, so it can take all the possible punishment without sustaining damage. Besides power and speed Starboard has also improved maneuverability. The board has a more direct control and is highly responsive to any command. When it is fully powered up, the board turns quite aggressive and offers a perfect extreme freestyle session. That is why it is recommended for the advanced and experienced rider who can take advantage of the speed and acceleration abilities of the Flare. The board is very comfortable too, due to the use of a domed deck and smooth heel gutters.

For optimal efficiency Starboard recommends that the Flare should be used with Drake Cross Over fins and a 4.5 to 7.5 square meters freestyle or freeride sail.

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